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2024 Term 3 Dates:

Monday 15 July to Thursday 19 September

Lessons in Drums, for one-on-one private 30 – 60 minute sessions.

Drumming for fun and hobby

Drumming for band

Drumming to build confidence

Private Lessons

Whether drumming is your passion, career, therapy, or just your favorite hobby, we can help you take your playing to the next stage.

Private Music lessons in Drums provide the best way to learn and improve on your technique and skills on the instrument. Learn at your own pace. All styles and levels are covered and taught by experienced and qualified music teacher.

Since 2005, Beat Factor Music has provided private Drum Kit, Percussion tuition to residents in the Wyndham and Hobson’s Bay area in Melbourne.

Lessons are available in all styles and techniques and are open to students of all ages and skill levels. Our private lessons are conducted in Beat Factor’s fully equipped teaching Studios, with a choice of acoustic and electronic instruments. Certificate and Advanced courses are also available. VIT Registered, working with children permit.

Drum-kit Standard Package:
Learn to play along to songs in 4 to 8 easy lessons. All ages

Weekly Lessons – $36.25
($145 monthly)
Learn Technical, sight reading, aural skills, fills and songs. Enrol for AMEB grade exams. All ages
($41.25/ $165 monthly)
Drum-kit Advanced:
Learn to play various drumming styles, such as, Rock, HipHop, latin, Jazz & Reggae. All ages
Premium Package – $280
(4x 60min weekly lesson)
Term 1Monday 5  FEBRUARY TO 28 MARCH
Term 2Monday 15 APRIL TO Thursday 27 JUNE
Term 3Monday 15 JULY TO Thursday 19 SEPTEMBER
Term 4Monday 07 OCTOBER TO Thursday 12 DECEMBER

Our younger students will have fun learning classic rock songs from Queen, Green Day, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and many others.

The simple and easy to follow course will enable kids to learn faster and help them focus on one or two new ideas each lesson.

You will learn basic skills to get you started such as how to set up the drum-kit, tune the drums, how to hold the drum sticks, learn skills in hand and foot technique and learn about all the parts that make a drum-kit.

The best way to get better on the drums is to play along to songs. You will learn how to jam along to songs, just like being in a band and learn some cool beats and drum fills.

Students have the option of recording their drum playing along to songs in our ‘Recording Session’ and/or perform live at one of our music concerts held once or twice a year.

Drum Course for Beginners to Intermediates

Course Covers:

  • Learning parts of the drum-kit
  • Seating and correct posture
  • Holding the sticks correctly
  • Wrist & hand warm ups
  • Drum Rudiments
  • Technical work
  • Two way to four way coordination
  • Reading drum notation
  • Reading Drum Box Grid
  • Learning Beats & rhythms
  • Learning songs
  • Working on Drum Fills
  • Working on Set works
  • Students Free choice of songs
  • Creative sessions
  • Aural skills
  • Knowledge of drumming & other styles
  • Recording experience
  • Performing opportunities
  • Hand outs for practice
  • Audio examples for revision

Once you have completed our Drumming for Kids & Teens course, you will be ready to tackle our other Drum Level courses and beyond. Please feel free to discuss this with your teacher if interested.

“A good musician never stops learning, no matter what age he or she is.”

All the best

Rod Pilois

Music Educator/Manager – Beat Factor Music

Bookings now open for 2024

Please contact us by email or mobile to discuss your needs.
Enquire Now for bookings.
Mobile: + 61 (0)411 028 077

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